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to our Stowers family website.

This is a private genealogy website where family members can view and share their family history and genealogy information online. It contains details of 9,603 individual people, including 1,953 unique surnames making up 2,882 families!


It is based around the family and descendants of John Stowers, whose ancestors originated from England. John STOWERS married Vui Maria Magdalena TOGA and settled in Samoa, their descendants have since spread to all parts of the globe.

Family are invited to join us on this journey to trace our family histories back to our home village and our common ancestor John Stowers. Please explore this growing website which contains the Stowers family tree, family history, photos, stories and much more.

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Terry Stowers
Mike Stowers


Our Featured Photo

Suluafi Latafale LELATA FALEISAFUNE PEPE  1847-1901 (54 years)
Suluafi Latafale LELATA FALEISAFUNE PEPE 1847-1901 (54 years)

Our Featured Memorial

STOWERS, Ernest Patilisio b.2010 (Headstone)
STOWERS, Ernest Patilisio b.2010 (Headstone)


Our database was last updated 28 Nov 2020
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Terry Stowers

On behalf of the descendants of John Stowers I would like to express our gratitude to Terry Stowers for providing the genealogy information used to populate this database. Terry's initial project was to trace the ancestors and descendants of Samuel Stowers and find a possible link to our ancestor John Stowers. We can all appreciate the effort, dedication and persistence it has taken to collect, consolidate and share this historical data with our family. Thank you Terry

Merv Priestley

Special thanks to my cousin Merv Priestley for sharing his knowledge and taking the time to teach an old mechanic some new tricks. Merv played a key roll in the design and setup of this website.


If you would like us correct or add information about a specific individual or their family already on this website, please use the "Suggest" or "Submit Photo/Doc" tabs found on that individual's page.

If you have information on a specific individual or family not on this website, you may contact us. Their photos or documents may be submitted here.

External Website Links

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Stowers Aiga Connection in Samoa

(Closed Facebook Page)
I am very pleased to announce the launch of our new Samoan Stowers Aiga Connection facebook group. We invite members of our Stowers family to join the group and connect with the Samoan and International members of our extended family to share stories, photos and arrange meetings to come together as a family to learn about Samoa, our home Village of Lano, John Stowers, and our shared family histories. Access to this group is restricted to registered MJO Users and verified descendants of the the original John Stowers. Requests to join this closed facebook group can be sent to the group's administrator Josephine Stowers. Jim Stowers, the administrator for our sister facebook group the New Zealand Stowers Family Connection is available for technical problems and to provide assistance when required. Feel free to post details about important family events or news, to help find long lost family members or to see what's happening in our ever-growing family circles!

Samoa History Page

Samoan History

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This is a popular educational facebook page where you can read and learn about our Samoan History.
Historical information not for profit page on the independent state of Samoa. Note: Protected by copyright - © 2019 Help Promote Samoa Media Inc. Please do not steel or sell any content from this page.

International Social Media Group

New Zealand Stowers Family Connection

(Closed Facebook Page)
This group is for the extended Stowers family (aiga), mostly in New Zealand with a few overseas, to keep in touch. Feel free to post about important family events or news, to help find other family members, or to see what's happening in our ever-growing family circles! If you're connected with the family and would like to join ask to be added and we'll get back to you.



Birthdays for 2 days starting on 29 Nov 2020
Lulu - Elsie Louisa STOWERS - 29 Nov 1919 (101 years ago.)
Hendrik TUINIER - 29 Nov 1928 (92 years ago.)
Lei - Fuli Lei POLEKI - 29 Nov 1944 (76 years ago.)
Christina GREY - 30 Nov 1916 (104 years ago.)
Joseph Tipasa STOWERS - 30 Nov 1925 (95 years ago.)
Sililo Cyril STOWERS - 30 Nov 1929 (91 years ago.)
Miracle Melanie STOWERS - 30 Nov 2007 (13 years ago.)


Anniversaries for 7 days starting on 29 Nov 2020
Leroy Eugene FRUEAN & Christina MariaGoretti Sala SUIVAI - 2 Dec 1972 (48 years ago.)


Deaths for 5 days starting on 29 Nov 2020
To'omalatai, Pekina Ferdinand GOSCHE - 29 Nov 1974 (46 years ago.)
Joey - Joseph Protus STOWERS - 30 Nov 1918 (102 years ago.)
Ana Malia STOWERS - 30 Nov 1924 (96 years ago.)
Allen ROUSE - 1 Dec 1975 (45 years ago.)
William Edward Tolai STOWERS - 1 Dec 1987 (33 years ago.)
Mitai Mulipola TUILAEPA - 1 Dec 1987 (33 years ago.)
Jane WELLS - 1 Dec 1988 (32 years ago.)
Henry FRUEAN - 2 Dec 1918 (102 years ago.)
Fred DAWSON - 2 Dec 1977 (43 years ago.)
Deborah Patricia ROLTON - 2 Dec 2000 (20 years ago.)
David Charles GLEESON - 2 Dec 2017 (3 years ago.)
Stephen DRUMMOND - 3 Dec 2019 (1 years ago.)